Video Clips Showing Fights Between a Human Player (Beginner-Level or Intermediate-Level) and an AI (BEAI -- our Proposed Method --, EAI -- our previous method --, or True POSAS -- an Existing Method)

Beginner (P1) vs BEAI (P2)

Intermediate (P1) vs BEAI (P2)

Beginner (P1) vs TruePOSAS (P2)

Intermediate (P1) vs EAI (P2)

For more details, please read our paper:
Makoto Ishihara, Suguru Ito, Ryota Ishii, Tomohiro Harada and Ruck Thawonmas, "Monte-Carlo Tree Search for Implementation of Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment Fighting Game AIs Having Believable Behaviors," 2018 IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games (CIG 2018), Maastricht, The Netherlands, Aug.14-17, 2018.

Team FightingICE