Video Clips Showing Fights Between Players of Different Persona Implemented by non-PM (non-Puppet-Master MCTS) or PM (Puppet-Master MCTS)

non-PM implementing Rushdown (P1) vs Rushdown (P2)

PM implementing Rushdown (P1) vs Rushdown (P2)

non-PM implementing Zoning (P1) vs Zoning (P2)

PM implementing Zoning (P1) vs Zoning (P2)

non-PM implementing Rushdown (P1) vs Zoning (P2)

PM implementing Rushdown (P1) vs Zoning (P2)

non-PM implementing Zoning (P1) vs Rushdown (P2)

PM implementing Zoning (P1) vs Rushdown (P2)

For more implementation details, please read our paper:
Ryota Ishii, Suguru Ito, Makoto Ishihara, Tomohiro Harada and Ruck Thawonmas, "Monte-Carlo Tree Search Implementation of Fighting Game AIs Having Personas," 2018 IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games (CIG 2018), Maastricht, The Netherlands, Aug.14-17, 2018.

Team FightingICE