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Fighting Game AI Competition

Intelligent Computer Entertainment Lab., Ritsumeikan University

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Fighting Game AI Competition

You are invited to develop an AI controller for Java based fighting game "FightingICE". Please submit your AI controller and beat down your opponents to win the competition! The competition and the platform are organized and maintained by Intelligent Computer Entertainment Lab., Ritsumeikan University.

Since Intelligent Computer Entertainment Lab. (ICE Lab.), Ritsumeikan University, is the competition organizer, there will be no official participants from ICE Lab., but we will provide sample AIs for reference.Our competition in 2016 will be at CIG 2016 (approved by the competition chairs on November 25, 2015).

Game resources are from The Rumble Fish 2 with the courtesy of Dimps Corporation. Lower resolution graphics than the original ones are used in the released FightingICE for the sake of AI research purposes.


The offical version for the 2016 competition is 2.00 or later, to which the combo system has been introduced. Since there might be subsequent minor updates, please also keep checking in for such updates. Below are our changes in the ranking rules for the 2016 competition (and subsequent competitions).

Submitted AIs will compete one another in each of three round-robin tournaments: Zen, Garnet, and Lud. Zen and Garnet character data are available in advance while the character data of Lud will not be revealed. However, after submission, each AI in Lud Tournament will be provided training time of 10 games, each having three rounds, against our sample MCTS AI (available in the bottom of the Get Started --- First Step page). In each tournament, the AIs are ranked according the number of winning rounds. If ties exit, their total scores will be used. Once the AIs are ranked in each tournament, tournament points are awarded to them according to their position using the 2015 Formula-1 scoring system. The winner is decided by the sum of tournament points across all three tournaments.

Note that although the video clip below shows a fight between Zen and Garnet, in the 2016 competition, Zen only fights with Zen, Garnet with Garnet, and Lud with Lud in the Zen, Garnet, and Lud tournaments, respectively.