Fighting Game AI Competition

Intelligent Computer Entertainment lab., Ritsumeikan University

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Fighting Game AI Competition

-- a step towards general fighting game AIs that are strong against any opponents at any play modes using any character data --

You are invited to develop an AI controller for Java based fighting game "FightingICE," also wrapped for Python by Py4J. The current version of FightingICE also supports development of visual-based AI controllers. Please submit your AI controller and beat down your opponents to win the competition! The competition and the platform are organized and maintained by Intelligent Computer Entertainment Lab., Ritsumeikan University.

Since Intelligent Computer Entertainment Lab. (ICE Lab.), Ritsumeikan University, is the competition organizer, there will be no official participants from ICE Lab., but we will provide sample AIs for reference. We will be running the competition in 2019 at CoG 2019.

Game resources are from The Rumble Fish 2 with the courtesy of Dimps Corporation. Lower resolution graphics than the original ones are used in the released FightingICE for the sake of AI research purposes.


Thanks go to all participants in the 2018 competition and the previous ones. There were three papers using this platform at CIG 2018 (#1, #2,and #3). Look forward to your participation in the 2019 competition! If you are either student or young professional, you might be able to win IEEE CIS money prize through participating this competition. For more details on this information, please see the following page:
Student Games-Based Competition Awarding Policy