Fighting Game AI Competition

Intelligent Computer Entertainment lab., Ritsumeikan University

Rules of the AI competition (Since technology keeps evolving, if your AI might violate any of the rules below, please contact us in advance; there might be room for negotiation!)

Initialization limit
Your controller will be given 5 seconds as ready time to initialize.

Memory limit
Your controller may use a maximum of 1GB of memory (including the game). If your controller exceeds this limit, it will be disqualified and you will need to submit a new controller.

You are not allowed to use threads, class loading or reflection. All your active computation needs to be done on a single thread.

File I/O
You are allowed to read and write files in your own directory under data/aiData. You must keep the AI files' names less than 20 half-width characters. For Java, please use classes in the Java IO ( package for this. Attempts to read or write files in any other directory will lead to disqualification. Any file written may not exceed 50MB. For an example on how to do this, please see Switch.

Game Time
Each round have a 5-second ready time and up to a 60-second fighting time. After the round is over, the characters' positions and HPs will be reset, and the next round will be started.

The "Small Print"
- We, the organizers of this competition, will do our utmost to ensure the competition is running smoothly and fairly. All our decisions are final.
- We expect participants to uphold the spirit of the competition. Any attempts to cheat will lead to immediate disqualification without appeal. Attempts to cheat include:
- trying to disturbing opponent's controller
- trying to circumvent the competition's security framework
- memory scanning
- trying to corrupt the file system
- trying to disrupt the ongoing competition in any way
- intentionally loosing games or creating specific game states on purpose
- We reserve the right to alter these rules at any time without notice.
If you have any questions or suggestions or encounter any problems, please email us and we will try to address the issue as quickly as possible.
We have made every effort to comply with copyright law. If you should have copyright concerns, please contact us.

The above rules are based on the Ms Pac-Man vs Ghosts League 2012 Competition.