Fighting Game AI Competition

Intelligent Computer Entertainment lab., Ritsumeikan University

Get started ------ Advanced

For advanced developers, here are major Javadocs of the game and AIToolKit. (all updated on March 6, 2018)

Recommended pages are aiinterface.CommandCenter, aiinterface.AIInterface (updated on July 8, 2019), enumerate.Action, enumerate.State, struct.AttackData, struct.CharacterData, struct.FrameData, struct.GameData, struct.HitArea, struct.Key, struct.MotionData, struct.ScreenData, simulator.Simulator (forward model).

------Javadoc of AIToolKit (missing pages are those unrelated to AI development)------

------ Brief table of ZEN's skills

------ Brief table of GARNET's skills

------ Introduction of the CommandCenter class ------ (updated on March 6, 2018)

------ Introduction of the game flow ------

------ Information about the character ------ (updated on March 6, 2018)

------ Information about the combo system ------ (updated on March 6, 2018)


Core knowledge

The core data of the game for each character are listed at the end of this page. These data describe character actions` properties. Here an action refers to an attack skill (henceforth skill), a guard, or a kind of movement.

The most important part is listed in the brief tables of the skills of ZEN and GARNET. Each of these tables shows each skill`s command, damage, type and speed, where a command is a series of key inputs (henceforth input(s)).

Each skill has 3 stages: startup, active, and recovery, as shown in the following example. Note that some skills' recovery might have a cancelable period.

not delayed

1st - Startup : After a given command is confirmed, the corresponding skill will be used. During this period, any other action cannot be used; the character will start to move, but still cannot make any damage to its opponent.

2nd - Active : These are the frames where an "attack hit box" (the red square in the first row of the above figure) appears. If the opponent character's "hit box" coincides the "attack hit box" of your character, the opponent character will be damaged. The concept of the "attack hit box" and "hit box" are illustrated in Fig. 1 in Information about the character (updated on March 6, 2018), where the former is in red and the latter is in green. Note that in other games, the hit box is sometimes called the bounding box.

3rd Recovery : The attack hit box disappears, and the character turns back to its normal status. In this example, there is a cancelable period, in which if there is a skill, say skill A, that can cancel the current skill, skill A can be used. Please refer to the description on the getCancelAbleFrame and getCancelAbleMotionLevel methods in the MotionData class for more details.

A cancelable frame means that if there is a skill that can cancel the current skill`s recovery time, it can be used during the cancelable frames.

A complete description of the motion data can be downloaded at

------ZEN Motion ------ (updated on June 20, 2017)

------GARNET Motion ------